Home Leave Application

When to apply home leave for domestic helper?

At First Choice Recruitment, we recognize the importance of maintaining strong family ties for domestic helpers while they work in Singapore. Our Home Leave Application Service is designed to facilitate the process of domestic helpers taking a break to visit their home country and loved ones.

Regular Home Visits

Many domestic helpers desire to visit their home country periodically to spend quality time with their families and loved ones. Our service helps them plan and apply for these visits.

Emergency Situations

In unexpected circumstances, such as family emergencies or significant life events back home, our service can assist in arranging emergency home leave to ensure your domestic helper's presence during these critical times.

Special Occasions

Domestic helpers often wish to be present for special family occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or religious celebrations. We help them secure home leave during these significant events.

Renewal of Contracts

During the renewal of employment contracts, domestic helpers may request home leave to visit their home country before committing to a new contract term.

Contact First Choice Recruitment Agency via phone, email, or through our website to express your domestic helper’s interest in taking home leave.

Our dedicated team will schedule a consultation with you and your domestic helper to assess the specific needs and requirements for the home leave, including the desired travel dates and the purpose of the trip.

We will perform an eligibility check to ensure that the home leave request aligns with the employment contract and regulations governing domestic helper employment in Singapore.

Our team will assist in preparing the necessary documentation for the home leave application. This may include the completion of application forms, gathering supporting documents, and arranging for any required visas.

If desired, we can assist in making travel arrangements, including booking flights, transportation, and accommodations for your domestic helper’s journey home.

We will submit the home leave application on behalf of your domestic helper, ensuring that all required documents are accurate and complete.

If your domestic helper’s home country requires a visa for entry, we will assist in the visa application process, ensuring that all visa requirements are met.

Once the home leave application is approved, we will notify you and your domestic helper, providing confirmation of the approved travel dates and any other relevant details.

How to request for home leave application service?

Ask Us Anything

Home leave is not mandatory but is often requested by domestic helpers to maintain family connections. Our service helps facilitate these requests.

The frequency of home leave may vary depending on the employment contract. We can help you understand the terms of your contract and assist with planning accordingly.

Required documents may include the completed application form, travel itinerary, proof of employment, and any necessary visa applications.

It’s advisable to plan home leave well in advance to ensure travel arrangements align with desired dates. Typically, requests are made a few months in advance.

Yes, we can assist in booking flights, transportation, and accommodations, ensuring a smooth journey for your domestic helper.

Typically, the cost of home leave, including travel expenses, is borne by the domestic helper. However, employers may provide support or additional compensation as per the employment contract.

Yes, we can assist in arranging temporary help during your domestic helper’s absence to ensure the household continues to run smoothly.

If a visa is required, we will assist in the visa application process, ensuring that all requirements are met.